You are about to witness one of the shortest and simplest reviews in the history of ADG Short And Simple Review with Dead Or Alive 5: Last Round.

Critiquing on the story, the below score is based upon playing the entire game from start to finish with the new visuals on Xbox One (primary version used in this review). I think the story is good, but it comes off a little confusing at times as which Kasumi you are actually witnessing. Clone or original, that is the question. Also, there are several moments when you will say, wait didn’t I see/do this already?


Dead or Alive 5: Last Round is a current gen (PlayStation 4/Xbox One but is also available on past gen, XBox 360) remake from Dead Or Alive 5 and the previous re-release Ultimate Dead or Alive 5. Why should you make the switch to Last Round? Well, first of all it is easier as you can bring all your DLC and save data to Last Round. If you are looking for a solid fighter with replay online, offline or on the couch with someone, this is definitely a game for that. If you never purchased Dead Or Alive 5 in the past, I highly recommend this purchase. I can’t really recommend Dead Or Alive 5: Last Round to people who have Ultimate Dead Or Alive 5 and a lot of DLC. The reason is because the only extras are just that customization and more DLC. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 get impressive new details for the fighters like sweat and dirt like never before, but outside that Xbox 360 users might want to skip this one out.

Short And Simple…



Mainly For Those Late On The DOA Train

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