In my last Disney Infinity figurine review, I used the term “wrecking” when it came to Disney Infinity and the DLC hitting stores. Well this will hold especially true for the upcoming figurines I’ll be showcasing. Wreck It Ralph is probably the most loved among gamers who are Disney fans. Why is that? It’s because Wreck It Ralph is from a gaming world himself.

Wreck It Ralph Gameplay & Impressions
Disclaimer: I stand corrected on Wreck It Ralph’s vehicle. It is in the game and I have unlocked it personally.

The Wreck It Ralph figurine looks very amazing. So amazing I wish it was fully pose-able. This is definitely my favorite figurine sitting on my entertainment center now.

As far as powers, Ralph is all about knocking down the competition and your toy box structures as you know it. His huge fist will pound everything in his path. Ralph’s cherry bomb is powerful but not as accurate as most long-range powers in the game.

Another great thing about this character is my favorite adventure period, Ralph’s Wreck’n Wrangle. This adventure provides a 2.5 retro-style classic gameplay challenge. You are in a hunt for collectibles on your way to the top of a platform based structure. Once you get to the top you face many Zurgbots for more collectibles. You can see my accompanying video above in this article for gameplay footage of his adventure and more.

I really fell in love with Disney Infinity again with this character and the next character I’ll be reviewing, Vanellope Von Schweetz. My love for the world of Wreck It Ralph really had me going Rambo all night just for a chance to unlock more Wreck It Ralph toys. I might be fan-boy but…


A Gamer‘s Favorite Disney Infinity Character