Substantial, the digital design and development studio behind the wildly successful mobile game Dungeon Highway, today launched the sequel to its critically acclaimed predecessor, entitled Dungeon Highway Adventures. Available free today on iOS and Android devices, Dungeon Highway Adventures drops you into a delightfully stylized fantasy world filled to the brim with dastardly monsters and peril. Heart-pounding action, nostalgic graphics and an enchanting original soundtrack by David Balatero and Barton McGuire bring a new milestone to the genre of arcade runner. Fast-paced and gritty, this new expansion of the Dungeon Highway series will surely bring you into an adventure that lasts for hours on end.

Download Dungeon Highway Adventures free today:
iPhone and iPad:

Watch all the action in the trailer:

“We were thrilled to see how the first title, Dungeon Highway, was received in the gaming community. We heard incredibly valuable feedback and we’ve listened to fans in designing this next title in the series. Dungeon Highway Adventures expands on everything fans loved about the original, plus loads of new characters, dungeons, enemies and more surprises,” said Paul Rush, Founder & CEO of Substantial.

If you didn’t get your fill of your own gory, pixelated demise the first time around, Dungeon Highway Adventures brings you more chances to explode in a shower of blocky goo. Goblins, ghosts, and other creatures are there to thwart you as you run to the finish. Featuring all new levels, obstacles, and items to collect and equip, you’ll never have the same adventure twice.

Dungeon Highway Adventures key features:

  • Over 72 monsters, chickens and more enemies.
  • Gorgeous 3D environments spread out across more than 20 dungeons.
  • Robust inventory system that lets you customize your character to your style with over 21 unique equipable weapons and collectibles.
  • Tilt-and-shoot gameplay mechanics