In honor of WWE Payback & WWE 2K15 ADG has took the time to give you and updated moveset for Dean Ambrose. The following moveset will give you the most authentic, realistic gameplay experience for Dean Ambrose expired by the past month as his Monday Night Raw match versus J & J Security.

Dean Ambrose , Randy Orton, and Roman Reigns will face WWE Champions Seth Rollins in a Fatal 4 Way at Payback on May 17th, 2015.

You can download this updated moveset on PlayStation 4 Community Creations or use the following formula below. Keywords: ADG Ambrose Payback

Dean Ambrose Before WWE Payback Updated Moveset

Standard Actions/Taunts: Extremist (Replace 3rd Taunt)
Standing Strikes: Strike Combination: Jab Right, Jab Right, Gut Kick 1
Ground/Submissions/Lower: Arm Trap Cross-Legged STF (To make room for Signature and Finisher Changers)
Corner/Seated Corner Grapples & Strikes: Corner Stomp
Corner/Front Grapples & Strikes: Shining Wizard/Bulldog 1 (square position)
Running/Strikes: Clothesline 17 (Square) Shoulder Block 4 (Hold Square)
Diving/Middle Rope vs Downed Opponent: Diving Forearm Drop
Diving/Top Rope vs Standing Opponent: Diving Reverse Elbow, Diving Elbow Stamp
Diving/Tope Rope vs Downed Opponent: Diving Fist Drop 2, Diving Elbow Drop 4
Special Moves/Signatures: Dirty Deeds ( Replacing Arm Trap Cross-Legged STF to make room for new
version of Dirty Deeds)
Special Moves/Finishers/ Finisher 1: Butterfly DDT (His New version of Dirty Deeds/ Dirty Deeds 2)

Stay tuned for more WWE 2K15 articles and media from ADG in honor of WWE Payback PPV.