I should of known it was just a matter of time before the new “Fight” sensation, Kevin Owens would show up on WWE Super Card. WWE Super Card is bringing Kevin Owens to Road To Glory This week as well as a WrestleMania Bray Wyatt Card. Below you can get a close look the Kevin Owens card.



WWE Super Card has been such a favorite of mines for some time now. Definitely, my favorite mobile game. With the greatness of an easy to update roster the game has been changing and growing for the better since release. I spent tons of hours in the game and even just last week washed my weekend away in the People’s Champion Challenge of Ryback versus Sheamus with hopes of getting one of their Wrestlemania cards. At least, I walked away with a Survivor Edge.

The event is live now and you have till the end of the weekend (June 14, 2015) to rake in those points and hopefully score Kevin Owens!

WWE Super Card is available now on multiple mobile devices.