The World is a brutal place inhabited by evil people with just one goal: To rule the World. You’re one of them and must do everything to reach your goal. Even if it means ridding  yourself of everyone that stands in your way.

This is the brief summary of a new innovative game, Idle killer, developed by Danish game developer Idle Games IVS.

In a mix of traditional idle gaming, where you use mouse-clicks to achieve your goal, elements from the classical RTS war games and using a unique cartoon touch, Idle Killer enters the gaming scene with the best of three Worlds.

A compelling storyline, with a dark sense of humour, makes the game noteworthy. Basically if Quentin Tarrantino made IdleGames he’d make something like this. It’s dark, brutal and well fun.

Visually the game is provoking. More than 15 graphic designers from all over the world collaborated on creating a game that is set to break new ground for its genre. It’s bloody, it’s well designed and it’s addictive.

The Danish team behind the game has chosen an unusual storyline with a young African woman as the main character and anti-hero.

Players take on the role of ’Boatema’, a military trained concubine from the African country Zungalia. Boatema is given an important role in Warlord Okechukwu’s militia, whose mission is to rule the World.

You’re a woman in a mad man’s world, you’re strong and you are without mercy. Eat or be eaten is the name of the game. Like it or not.

Idle Killer UI1


-’The starting point was a desire to turn things around. Main characters are usually western men from the US or Europe, so we went for the complete opposite. We want to innovate not replicate. Which is why we have chosen a female main character, who can easily measure up to the male action heroes of other computer games’, says Jorn Holm, one of the two initiators ofIdle Killer.

Idle Killer will be launched ultimo week 25. It will be a global launch with focus on the American market. The game has been under development for a year and will be launched as a free web browser based version to begin with. The plan is to develop a sequel and an app-based version soon after.

Try Idle Killer here: