About a week ago, I got a strange slap in the face by a Sony PR. Maybe, they didn’t mean it that way, but it affected me hugely. My need to review the latest Sony remastered title, God of War III Remastered. Really showed me how some people may view my work. This PR broke it down to me in so many ways why he couldn’t give me a copy to review.

One thing that hurt was my news being copied from press releases and I’ll be honest. A lot of my news posts are just press releases slightly rewritten. At times I may not even rewrite them. Why would I do such a thing? I’m a one man crew. I don’t have a team behind me. I like to get out as much game news as possible in a giving day for my following that may not have heard it or might have missed a piece of news another journalist may be left out while trying to be original. This is my reasoning. This is also why, I’m trying to tone down what I cover to certain games at a time, alongside my reviews, and first time gameplay previews.


The Sony PR continued by saying my reviews didn’t add anything to the conversation. I never had issues out of any PR before feeling this way. Maybe, it hurts more cause I’m a Sony fan at heart. Even Microsoft has never dissed me this hard and Nintendo… Well, they have never responded to me at all yet (but I’m working on it.) Anyway, I do Short And Simple reviews. I normally just squeeze in what the game is about, top reason’s it’s a buy or the top reason’s it’s not a buy, and why you should think before purchasing. All my reviews and previews contain original thoughts and opinions with an occasional joke for entertainment and laughter which definitely adds something to the conversation.

So what is the real reason? I say it was popularity and none of the things mentioned, in his letter to me. I do appreciate his critique, though. He showed me that I wasn’t doing my best at what I wanted to do most with my spot in this industry. I want most of all to add something to the conversation and tell my story.  So, begins my gaming diary to the public, my piece to the gaming conversation, my story. I hope you enjoy.


I do realize some will see this piece and think, negative upon it. Especially, when it’s posted at N4G reaching over 70 degree heat. That’s what they do best. For those intelligent enough to read and use their brains. Note, that these posts are my opinions and at the end of each one I will tell my reasoning behind the posting. The meaning behind this wasn’t to blast Sony, or to cry over not getting a review copy, but to tell why I’m starting this series of writings.