World Of Tanks comes to Xbox One delivering all the steel, guns and ammo you expect from this critically acclaimed free to play shooter. Yes, you can play this game for free just like on PC and other platforms, but what makes it great on Xbox One. ADG’s Short And Simple Video Review has you covered.

World of Tanks brings the power of Xbox One and the communities of Xbox 360 together for better visuals and a seamless experience making it possible to play with old and new friends from World Of Tanks. It does still bare that hard to understand progression tree with tanks and crew members. I was hoping they would explain it more in this edition in some way. I’m sure vets and time, with the game can explain it . As I stated in the video, I just wished there was more reasons to brag about the Xbox One Version.

Short And Simple..

The World Of Tanks As You Know It, Hasn’t Changed


WoT_Xbox_One_Launch_Screen_Image_05 WoT_Xbox_One_Launch_Screen_Image_01 WoT_Xbox_One_Launch_Screen_Image_08 WoT_Xbox_One_Launch_Screen_Image_10