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2K Announces the Return of NBA 2KTV Season 2

2KTV Logo (NBA 2K 16)

Today 2K announced the return of NBA 2KTV Season 2, with the premiere episode airing this Friday, September 25 at 4pm PT / 7pm ET, exclusively within NBA 2K16 and in the MyNBA 2K16 companion app for Android and iOS.  NBA 2KTV puts you in the driver’s seat for your NBA 2K16 experience, with the debut of 2KTV Interactive, brand new exclusives, and more:

  • 2KTV Interactive:  Participate in each week’s episode of 2KTV, with exclusive Votes, Trivia and Community Polling, to select featured events in MyPark, win VC, and earn in-game rewards.
  • Community Insights:  Learn all the new features of 2K16, as 2K Community guests show you how to make the most out of your game.
  • Exclusive Interviews:  View exclusive interviews with NBA superstars including cover athletes Steph Curry, James Harden, Anthony Davis and more.
  • The Making of MyCAREER:  Go behind-the-scenes with Spike Lee on the making of MyCAREER and ‘Livin’ Da Dream.’
  • Winning Tips:  Sharpen your skills with Dev and Community guest tutorials and gameplay tips.
  • Insider Information:  Sneak behind the curtain at 2K Sports to see what’s going into the making of NBA 2K17.
  • Music:  See appearances by world-renown music producers, DJ Premier, DJ Mustard, DJ Khaled, and the creator of the 2KTV theme song, Maejor.
  • And Much More!

To view the trailer that accompanies this announcement, see below.


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