After a bad announcement of the non-includement of Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Becky Lynch, and Bayley this past week. Today, 2K has given us something to look forward to with the new information and a gameplay trailer of MyCareer in WWE 2K16.

In this year’s game, we will be given choices like never before. Choices that just wasn’t there in WWE 2K15. According to the trailer it seems we will definitely be able to play how we want to play. If it’s choosing to be a heel or a face in this year’s game we can do that.


I want to spot a few things I noticed in the trailer and break it down how I see it.

I just mentioned choices and the ability to play how we want to play. These choices will affect our paths, allies, and enemies on a road to hopefully make it in the Hall Of Fame.


Starting out in NXT, just like last year, but now we more options than before. As we begin our careers, every decision will impact our road. This time, there isn’t a right or wrong. Rather, it’s backstage in our interviews with Renee Young (Yes, Renee’s in the game. My life is complete.) or deciding who to attack, gamers are being promised a unique individual career.



Renee Young will question you in your interviews about your matches, opponents, and even how you feel about the WWE Universe. Of course, these decisions will effect rather you are heel or face and your path on the show. I can see myself calling out guys, that have defied The Authority because I’m a heel an Authority type of guy. Ziggler, watch out! AntDaGamer is coming for you!


If you want to take the path of favoring The Authority or defying them the choice is yours. The developers have gone leaps to show the presence of The Authority in the game. Winning by DQ and more you can gain attention and favor from The Authority. That’s something I’ve always dreamed of! Maybe, I will even get a chance to tag up with Seth Rollins!


For the first time, MyCareer will have the implementation of the Tag Team Championship division of WWE. So, when I get Seth Rollins as my partner. I can climb the ranks and bring the titles to The Authority because that’s what’s best for business.


You have to be wise when choosing a Tag Team partner. As seen above, they have implemented various traits in your partners. Some traits seems to include loyal, treacherous, disciplined, egotistical, and most likely more. I’m sure Seth’s trait is just “architect”. So, I doubt I will have to worry. He’ll never turn his back on me like he did with The Shield. I think…


Me and Seth will be able to run rampant on the WWE. We will be able to attack before and during matches on our enemies. From the titantron, through the barricades. They will never be safe. As seen above, I can get involved in Seth’s match, help him out, or break it off and become the new face of WWE!

Whatever you want to do in WWE 2K16 MyCareer seems to be very possible this year. Adding in the largest roster ever this should be enough to keep the fans happy. I personally just want to play and make The Authority happy!



ADG-WWE-2K16-My-Career-ScreensAuthority ADG-WWE-2K16-My-Career-Screens3 ADG-WWE-2K16-My-Career-Screens_Performance_Center_Tensai_Albert_Enzo ADG-WWE-2K16-My-Career-Screens_Interview ADG-WWE-2K16-My-Career-Screens ADG-WWE-2K16-My-Career-ScreensDefyAuthority