I’ve been screaming about Disney Infinity 3.0 season for about a month. New play sets, new figures, new features, and a tons of new ways to play.

Today, we take a look at Disney Infinity 3.0’s Twilight Of The Republic Play Set. This play set comes as part of the Starter Pack and as a standalone purchase with figures Anakin and Ahsoka. So, go ahead and check out the video review below.

Me and my kids truly had a great time with this play set. We noticed that the characters looks from the TV series (Star Wars: The Clone Wars & Star Wars: Rebels) to Disney Infinity 3.0 didn’t change much. The world of Star Wars was such a great fit for Disney Infinity 3.0.

Short And Simple

The Force Is Deep In This Play Set



TOTR_PlaySet_Yoda-L TOTR_PlaySet_SpaceFight-L TOTR_PlaySet_ObiWan_Maul_1-L TOTR_PlaySet_ObiWan_1-L TOTR_PlaySet_Anakin_4-L TOTR_PlaySet_Anakin_Ahsoka-L