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ADG Short And Simple Review: Fallout 4


Fallout 4 is finally here in the ADG Short And Simple Review. I have journeyed to the Wasteland. I have faced near nuclear death and survived. I’m still fighting but should you join the fight?

Well, If you watched that amazing video then now you know Fallout 4 is a buy. Was there any question that Bethesda would deliver and improve upon this series?

There are some instances of glitches, gameplay and long loading that I didn’t note. The control scheme was a big issue for me. Maybe, I’m a noob. These things had a bearing of my review not being a 9 or 10. I know this will hurt a lot of people thinking this would be the game of the year, but it’s true. The story starts out with a bang after creating your character but then goes into a slow burn for quite awhile before getting interesting again. The story is good but not great. If this changes after I complete the game and I think it is the game of the year, I’ll give an update in this review.

Short And Simple

A Beautiful Wasteland That You Can Be Proud To Call Home


 Fallout4_Trailer_Handy Fallout4_Piper Fallout4_E3Xbox_Preston Fallout4_E3Xbox_DeathclawAttack


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