WWE 2K16 Community Creations Spotlight Matchup of Alexa Bliss vs Asuka in the NXT Arena. This matchup is a CPU sim. May the best “Create A Diva” win! These creations are available on PS4 from the same creator that brought us the great Sasha Banks I featured, UncleCreepy aka Lil Dicky aka ChaddyIssues.

Enjoy the video above, and images as well below, showcasing these two.

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Alexa Bliss: LilDicky, Alexa Bliss

AlexaBliss_WWE2K16_UncleCreepy_2 AlexaBliss_WWE2K16_UncleCreepy

Asuka: LilDicky, Asuka

Asuka_WWE2K16_UncleCreepy Asuka_WWE2K16_UncleCreepy_2