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Prima Games are known for their signature gaming guides. When I heard about Call Of Duty: Black Ops III was not only getting the Prima signature guide treatment but a collector’s edition with a magnetic Zombie Jugger-Nog bottle opener, I had to get my hands on this.

Upon receiving this guide, the first thing I noticed was how neat the package was. I literally wished I had another package just to open.

I wanted to first check out the collector’s edition Jugger-Nog bottle opener magnet and even test it out. Yes, it really does work with most glass bottle beverages with ease and looks amazing on your fridge. The detail on the bottle opener included the shielded bulleted cross logo, you know from the game and even Activision engraved in the back.

Black Ops 3_MP_Combine_WM

After I was done admiring the Jugger-Nog collectors piece, I went to what really matters for your money and giving you the knowledge you want for Call Of Duty: Black Ops III, The actual hardback strategy guide.  The book has over 240 high-quality pages of tips and images. With the new system of Call Of Duty campaign achievements, this guide is probably the most useful guide in quite some time for Call Of Duty. This book also contains secrets for Zombies and multiplayer.

Why should you purchase the collector’s edition? On top of being one of the few that will have this as it is only being printed in limited numbers. You will get all the quality pieces I spoke of in this review as well as a complimentary E-Guide that includes videos and interactive maps. They’re futuristic just like Black Ops III!

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The Most Prestigious Call Of Duty Guide, Yet!

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