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2K Sports acquired the rights to the WWE 2K series a few years ago and have been on heavy watch by fans every since. Some believe the series was better before 2K touched the series and some believe it has made a turn for the better. Found out if it was enough in the below WWE 2K16 Short And Simple Video Review.

I personally love the approach 2K is making things realistic, yet fun to play. New additions to gameplay, such as the improved reversals which are my favorite addition to gameplay more than anything could have easily been a headline feature. Instead, 2K boasted about giving the fans of more of what they asked for in WWE Creations and the biggest roster ever. Also, the new Stone Cold Steve Austin 2K Showcase is fun to play but doesn’t bring anything new or innovative to the game. What does bring new innovation, is MyCareer. This game mode is now expanded with more features and isn’t as linear. This mode now allows players to have more choice in the road and titles they go for in their career.

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If 2K can ever get away from the glitchy parts of the game and the irreversible moves, WWE games could finally be headed in the right direction. Plus, some new innovations could help as well.

Short And Simple

WWE 2K16 Isn’t Booty, It Rocks!


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