Last week, ChAIR announced the triumphant return of its award-winning Shadow Complex game. ADG promised to give you up to date cover as it’s available and we are delivering with this announcement of a brand new Live Action trailer.

Today, ChAIR presents a brand new LIVE ACTION Shadow Complex video produced with Dark Pixel, the popular YouTube creators behind other hugely popular gaming-related videos like: Super Mario Bros Parkour and Real Life Goldeneye 64.

In SHADOW COMPLEX – IN REAL LIFE, the game’s hero Jason finds himself trapped behind enemy lines; blocked from his extraction point. He has to fight through soldiers, helicopters and even a gigantic mech to get to Claire, who has managed to escape the compound with an enemy vehicle. Can they make it to the extraction point without getting seriously jacked?!

The formerly Xbox 360 exclusive, modern and masterful side-scroller has been remastered for its 2016 debut on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. As a special limited-time introduction, right now fans can download Shadow Complex Remastered Free on PC exclusively at


*The following information comes from the official Epic press release and was slightly altered/added to in the introduction info with talk about ADG’s coverage.*