Stupid Zombies Dying Light Edition

Techland, creators of Dying Light, Dead Island and Call of Juarez series partnered up with mobile zombie game sensation Stupid Zombies 3. To celebrate the release of the upcoming Dying Light: The Following Enhanced Edition, Techland and GameResort have created a ‘Dying Light: The Following Enhanced Edition’ mode in Stupid Zombies 3.

Players will now be able to play as the GRE agent Kyle Crane; legendary runner Jade Aldemir; or wear the new hazmat suit inspired by Dying Light’s decomposing scientists in the latest zombie-slaying app. As a reward for cleaning up those stupid zombies, players will receive docket codes that can be exchanged for weapons in Dying Light: The Following Enhanced Edition.

For six months Stupid Zombies 3 will be revealing one docket code each month for Dying Light: The Following Enhanced Edition in Stupid Zombies 3’s new mode. Players will have to play at least three levels in Stupid Zombies 3 to unlock the docket codes. These docket codes will have to be entered at for exclusive weapons in Dying Light: The Following Enhanced Edition.