RIFT, Trion Worlds’ fantasy MMORPG that just celebrated its fifth anniversary, has even more in store for players with a major content update that adds new class-building options, significant performance improvements, a new daily rewards calendar, and more.

Before you explore RIFT’s massive new fifth anniversary update, note that an exclusive interview with a RIFT representative will be coming to ADG On Call On YouTube. It will be also posted here on AntDaGamer.Com and EGMNow.Com/AntDaGamer.

Starting now, players can unlock five new playable Souls for the game’s Callings, introducing even more complex and diverse ways to customize, build and play their chosen class. Update 3.6: Celebration of the Ascended also rings in true multicore support, leveraging the multiple CPU cores on modern PCs to dramatically boost the game’s performance.


New features and enhancements in the 3.6 update include:

  • True Multicore Support – The new multicore processing allows RIFT to utilize every CPU core on your computer to provide up to 50% better frame rate, faster performance, and the ability to run at higher graphics settings. For more information on multicore support, check out the technical Dev Blog.


  • Five New Souls: New souls open up new character concepts across all Callings. Players can work the new Maelstrom, Shadeborn, Runeshaper, Frostkeeper, and Warchanter souls into their builds, opening up new opportunities for play. Heal the tank as a mage, deal damage to two targets as a rogue, and more!


  • Existing Soul Enhancements: In addition to adding new souls to the game, existing souls have received  improvements to make them more competitive with other souls in terms of dps and overall utility.


  • Daily Rewards Calendar – Just for logging in, all players receive resource bundles, raid currency, artifacts, dream orbs, planar experience, and more.


  • Patron Quests: As a reward for ongoing support of the game, Patron quests are exclusive monthly quests that yield awesome rewards.  Players can earn Patron status by saving in-game currency and purchasing REX from other players, or by purchasing patron plans via the RIFT Store or the website.


  • Carnival of the Ascended: For the next month, players can jump into an updated and expanded Carnival of the Ascended world event and earn valuable prizes for playing. Collect artifacts through the new Frogifact event, save the denizens of the carnival itself in an all-new Instant Adventure, experience 6 new lore-filled Raid Rifts, new dailies, new Carnival quest line, and even more artifact sets for collectors.


  • More Accessible Raids: For a limited time, characters will have their Hit and Endurance values buffed for Tier 1 and 2 raid content, giving players of all skill levels the chance to experience some of the best content in RIFT and get a head start on the Tier 3 content coming in May.

*this posting is a minor modified version of the official RIFT press release*