So you took the challenge to help Nathan & Sam Drake find Avery’s Treasure but you need a little help. Prima wants to help you do this with their Uncharted 4 Guide.

Uncharted 4 Guide

Within this guide you have the following..

•Detailed Maps: Confidently run, jump, climb, grapple, and shimmy from one point of interest to thenext using our maps, which show detailed traversal routes for every challenging area in the game.
•Find Every Treasure & Collectible: This exhaustive guide reveals every collectible treasure,trophy, weapon, journal entry, conversation, and more.
•Complete Story Walkthrough: Our step-by-step walkthrough leads you through the entire adventure, providing stealthy alternatives to advance more efficiently and earn special Trophies for sneakiness.
•Adventuring School: Learn everything you need to know about navigating the environment, combat, weapons, vehicles, treasure hunting, and more!
•Plus enemy and weapon data, multiplayer coverage, treasure and trophy checklists, and character profiles!
•Free mobile -friendly eGuide! Includes a code to access the eGuide, a web – access version of the complete guide optimized for a second-screen experience.
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The maps within the guide are very detailed. The problem for me is that some of the details are small and hard to make out. Keep a light and some glasses close by..or both. Collectible and treasure finding was a charm at times but lacks because of the map issues I just mentioned.
Adventuring School, Plus elements, and the free mobile eGuide worked for me superbly. Using the eGuide I could understand the map layout and details better.
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A few thoughts on the collectible edition and a thank you to Prima for sending it to me! It is a very durable hardback edition. It’s a very glossy and smooth book from the cover to it’s individual pages. I love the coin which is still placed firmly in the inside of my book with very nice details similar to what you see in the game.
Collectors Uncharted 4 Guide
Short And Simple…
A Guide Drake Would Follow But With Some Small Hardships
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