gumi Inc. and Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. are teaming up for an all-new Tales of Link collaboration in the hit mobile role-playing gameBrave Frontier.

From June 6 to June 26 (PST), Brave Frontier fans will get a chance to acquire heroes from the “Tales of” series. These include Stahn (Tales of Destiny), Rutee (Tales of Destiny), Rita (Tales of Vesperia), Arche (Tales of Phantasia), Cress (Tales of Phantasia), and Milla (Tales of Xilliaseries). Each of them can be found in their specific collaboration dungeon.


Players can also acquire Tales of Phantasia antagonist Dhaos and Tales of Vesperia hero Yuri by clearing specific tasks in Tales of Link.
By participating in this collaboration’s special Raid Event called “Vanquish Barbatos”, players can stand a chance to recruit Tales of Destiny 2 antagonist, Barbatos.

Brave Frontier is currently available right now on the App Store,  Google Play Store, Amazon Appstore, and Windows Store. For future updates regarding this content, please visit the Brave Frontier forum page and the official Facebook page.