E3 2016 has made me realize that I went back to not doing the main thing that matters to someone like myself that suffers from major mental depressions and other health issues such as heart disease (which is very serious right now with my mental issues and I need to be more stress-free) and diabetes and that is to have fun. I have been forcing myself once again to cover everything. Trying so hard to continue to be that one man press band.


It’s kind of scary for me to fall back and let go. A majority of my habit is fed by free copies of games and I promise publishers/developers that I will create content for or review. Most of these companies will not even consider you unless you covered their game in a huge way before release. Even though it’s scary, in order for me to enjoy games more I need this time. This is time, I no longer have due to trying to cover so many games on my own. This will probably lead to me not having games at release, very late at playing, etc. because I don’t make enough off of ad revenue alone to cover all my costs. I’m not going to worry about that and I’ll use Gamefly and hope a few publishers/developers will still support me during this mini-retirement era of ADG.

screen shot 2016-06-13 at 9.08.29 pm

I’m not done with gaming or sharing great gaming news and content. I’m just about doing it when it’s fun or when I’m up to it. You may see me just sharing gameplay moments on YouTube , A Short And Simple Review, or a  For The First Time here and there. I hope you guys still support a passionate gamer who just needs to take care of his soul and body right now. To all my followers, thank you for the ride through the last 4 years and I hope you enjoy this new era as well. God Bless!