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Team Villains Makes an Entrance in THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV

The King Of Fighters XIV is definitely on my most wanted list this year. It’s going to be interesting to see the roster as The King of Fighters games are known for their robust characters. Today Team Villains, Chang, Choi, and Xanadu join the fray. Enjoy the new trailer and the press release.


Where do two relapsed criminals and a madman go to relieve stress? The King of Fighters tournament of course!
Everyone’s favorite thugs, Chang and Choi, are back and this time they’re criminals again. Led by a new character, the deranged lunatic Xanadu, Team Villains is determined to win it all with brute force and sadistic slicing. The big burly Chang will smash enemies into oblivion with his trademark iron ball on a chain, while the creepy Choi will cut his way through fighters with his sharp claw. And Xanadu? Oh boy, watch out for that man because he has a move where he literally cradles opponents, Rock-a-bye Baby style, just before snapping their spines. Seriously. Just watch the trailer because he might be the greatest KOF character ever made.

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