NIS America and Valve have announced a partnership to give gamers new cosmetic items from Disgaea. I think this is a cool think with Disgaea PC just coming out. This should bring more interests to both IPs among pc gamers.

The full announcement from NIS America is below.


We’re happy to announce our partnership with Valve® and the Team Fortress 2team in releasing three brand-spanking new Disgaea®-themed Team Fortress 2 cosmetic Items that will be compatible with all nine beloved Team Fortress 2classes:

  • Prinny Hat – The preferred headwear of all Prinny aficionados. Keeps your head warm and toasty while displaying your fandom for all to see.
  • Prinny Pouch – The official pouch issued to all Prinnies. Hide your coins, hide your knives.
  • Prinny Knife – The official knife issued to all Prinnies. It’s good for slashing, stabbing, and raising HL.

Customers who already purchased Disgaea PC will receive the genuineDisgaea-themed cosmetic items soon and they will be available for new customers who purchase Disgaea PC by the end of the Steam® Summer Sale. For more information on Disgaea PC, head to the official Steam store page, dood!