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The King Of Fighters XIV: Team South America Trailer & E3 Fights Gameplays

ADG just wanted to get the word out about The King Of Fighters new Team South America gameplay. This new trailer consists of the most agile fighters in the world. You can get information below from the press release.

Also, below is a listing of the E3 fights from the AtlusUSA page for those hungry for more preview gameplay and great fights.


The agile members of Team South America — Bandeiras Hattori, Zarina, and Nelson — are focusing their energy towards fighting anyone and everyone in THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV Tournament!
Even though each member of Team South America are fighting for different reasons, they’ve banded together to help each other out. First off, Bandeiras Hattori is a self-trained ninja who practices the legitimately dangerous art of, uh, Brazilian ninjutsu (not to be confused with Brazilian jiu-jitsu!). Basically, Bandeiras is a 100% certified Brazilian ninja who wants to win the tournament to earn respect and get students for his dojo. Next up is Zarina, the savior of rain forests! She wants to raise money and awareness for the environment, and has zero issues beating up competitors in the name of nature. Zarina will dazzle opponents with her acrobatic Capoeira fighting style and is a strong member of this team. Oh, she’s also bringing along her adorable toucan friend Coco. Lastly, there’s Nelson, the boxing prodigy who wants to punch his way to the top in order to raise money for a loved one. He lost one of his arms in an accident, but was lucky enough to receive a mysterious cybernetic replacement that you could say gives him the upper hand during fights. With his fancy footwork and nasty hooks, Nelson will be a difficult opponent for anyone.
ADDED BONUS! Our KOF XIV E3 exhibition matches have been uploaded to YouTube! We gathered some of the best players in the world to compete, so be prepared for some high level action!
Convenient YouTube Playlist:
Individual Videos:
Day 2
MechaMacGyver vs. TS/NerdJosh
AS/Reynald vs. Romance

Mr. KoF vs. DC_Kane317

TS/NerdJosh vs. Tasty Steve
Day 3

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