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27 WWE 2K17 Universe Mode Images And My Thoughts On The Latest Details


WWE 2K17 Universe Mode details was released today on WWE 2K site. I’m impressed with the layout and the addition of promos, run-ins,show intros, and the addition of three save slots. Yes, finally I can do ADG Universe, a personal show, and a show for me and my son. Outside of that, honestly, a lot of the options shown was in the game before. I think 2K wanted to show people that was outraged about the brand split how to do it in the game that wasn’t aware of the feature before.

Enjoy the 27 images below. Some of these weren’t shown in 2K’s post. Awesome!



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One comment on “27 WWE 2K17 Universe Mode Images And My Thoughts On The Latest Details

  1. updated the post with a slideshow video.


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