Rightside .Games is continuing to expand it’s content since we spoke with them on ADG On Call a few months ago. Huge companies like these have already taken on a new .GAMES domain:

  • Halo.GAMES, Xbox.GAMES – Microsoft redirects to Bing search results
  • F1.GAMES and GrandPrix.GAMES – Formula 1 Racing
  • MonteCarlo.GAMES – Casino and gaming operator Societe des Bains de Mer

You can see more websites that are embracing the gaming community bigger than before as you can see at the following link:

Not sold yet? Below are more samples of the .games experience.

AngryOgre.GAMES – Indie tabletop games developer. Their original site,, is now redirecting to their .GAMES domain.
NewBlood.GAMES – Video game developer based in San Diego
Cornhole.GAMES – Redirect to Custom Yard Games, which makes custom cornhole sets.
MartinWard.GAMES and AdamLay.GAMES – Online portfolios for freelance video game developers.
Big5.GAMES – London video game developer marketing mobile games to African consumers.
Plai.GAMES – Redirect to video gaming platform that leases games to consumers by the hour.
Tailgate.GAMES – Redirect to the games section of Tailgate Giant, the “Tailgate Superstore.”
PlayMore.GAMES – Redirect to the Facebook page of a video game store/hobby shop in Greeneville, TN
DragonScale.GAMES – Indie developer of a tabletop RPG system/engine. The .GAMES domain appears to be their primary website.
JonOfAll.GAMES – Video game streamer JonOfAllGames redirects his exact-match domain to his Twitch page, where his 21,000 followers can watch him play a variety of online games.
Sama.GAMES – Operator of a French Minecraft server.
JoeMag.GAMES – Website of an indie game designer from Hollywood. His site servers as a CV and game design blog.
RentMyArcade.GAMES – Business that rents out classic arcade game cabinets in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.
Desire.GAMES – Makers of the Desire app, which gamifies couples’ relationships.
Sanuk.GAMES – Video game developer and publisher with offices in Thailand and France.
Voofoo.GAMES – Console video game developer located in the UK.