I’m personally glad to share this news with you guys about Season 3 of WWE SuperCard. We all know drastic changes need to be made to the current game. The game has got a little stale and boring and people aren’t playing like there once were. Also, don’t forget to #GetRidOfPeoplesChampion! Anyway, Smackdown LIVE, RAW, and NXT will be a big part of the new Season 3. The question is how will this be implemented with the already present tier system?

Details given by 2K are below as well as a link to Cat Daddy’s Blog.



2K today shared additional details on the New Tiers available in Season 3 of WWE SuperCard, the popular WWE collectible card-battling game for iOS and Android devices. Featuring three new card tiers, a total of 100 new cards in play and branding from three WWE brands – Raw, SmackDown LIVE and NXT – the three New Tiers include:

  • Hardened: Up-and-coming WWE and NXT Superstars, in addition to other top talent;
  • Elite: A cast of WWE’s savviest veterans, as well as other memorable Superstars and Legends;
  • Ultimate: The best of the best on the current roster.

Cat Daddy Games’ blog post detailing today’s announcement can be found here: https://www.wwesupercardgame.com/new-s3-tiers/