Roblox cordially invites everyone to join in for entertainment and fun for the 4th Annual BLOXY Awards!  This Saturday, January 28 at 10amPT/1pmET, Roblox –the largest growing social platform for play, enabling kids of all ages across the world to imagine, create, and play together – will be hosting its Annual BLOXY Award show streamed live to Twitch. Think of it as the Oscar’s for the Roblox community and this year’s show is already shaping up to be BIGGER and BETTER than ever before!


With MORE categories, MORE votes and MORE winners – this IS the only award show you and your kids need to watch this season! This year Roblox has seen over 300K fans sign-on and vote for their favorites in 52 categories – twice the amount as last year – ranging from favorite Game, Streamers, Videos, Groups and SO much MORE! So now, let’s get ready to roll out that red carpet, break out your avatar’s haute couture, pour the sparkling cider and get the party started!

Roblox and ADG encourages and would love for you to tune-in on Twitch and join in on the conversation on Twitter @roblox #BloxyAwards.  See below for all the information you need to tune-in to this year’s BLOXY Awards.

WHO: Roblox, the largest growing social platform for play powering the imagination of over 44 million players


WHAT: 4th Annual BLOXY Awards


WHERE: Twitch


WHEN: Saturday, January 28 2017 – 10amPT/1pmET  


WHY: Well, because they are AWESOME and BIGGER and BETTER than EVER!

*This posting is the official press release with some minor edits to make it focus on ADG’s audience*