Injustice 2 Sub-Zero released, yesterday for those that own the Fighter Pack 1 and Ultimate Season Pass. I took the liberty to give him spin.

The road to giving him a spin was a hard one. Just like the Red Hood character I had install issues which can be seen in the below video. I did managed to fix my Sub-Zero installation issues by completely uninstalling the game. Thank God, I had the disk.

Let’s also insert the amazing new launch screenshot sent to me by Warner Bros.


Sub-Zero is a very strong yet easy to pick up character. Which is totally the opposite of the first DLC character, Red Hood. I mean I like Red Hood but Sub-Zero is just that much better, in my opinion. Enjoy my content below which features the gameplay trailer, a mirror match gameplay showcasing default gear vs a custom gear thats close to his Mortal Kombat 9 persona, and the ending. Do I need to say spoilers for the ending video? Enjoy.