Courtesy of Koei Tecmo, I got to play Nights Of Azure 2: Bride Of The New Moon. As you can see as some things are changing and becoming more simplified, some still remain the same. In fact in this video, I realized a way I can still give you preview impressions without botching to much on commentary. So, “For The First Time” commentary isn’t going anywhere.

As far as Nights Of Azure 2, below, you can find a listing of Pro’s And Cons of the new game from my experience of an hour of gameplay. Let’s just say there aren’t many cons!



Better Refined Control Scheme

Updated Graphics Engine

Above Average Camera For A Hack And Slash

Story continues with lore from the first but you don’t have to be a player of the first game to understand.

Better storytelling


The usual ton of unnecessary start tutorials for JRPGs

Stay tuned here and to the ADG Man Cave as I will be uploading various gameplays to help you get a good look of Nights Of Azure 2.