This week WWE SuperCard is bringing back another one of those events that I think takes a pure spender to be able to get at least one or two cards that you actually want and need. Previously, we could use a special chamber event to get special Spring tier cards. Well, it’s back offering more of the same money grabbing tactics but I’m sure there are a lot that will still enjoy it. I’m going to give it a spin and I’ll let you guys know if I get anything here on the site.

WWE SuperCard Spring Into The Wring Wrestlemania 34 _51223_04_Undertaker

For those that want a special look, you can see in this post, Undertaker, and Carmella in all their Spring Bling WWE SuperCard glory!

WWE SuperCard Spring Into The Wring Wrestlemania 34 _51225_04_Carmella

Also, this week’s heroic event is Road To Glory. In this event, if you can climb to the top you will receive a special Wrestlemania 34, Jeff Hardy. I can only dream but if I’m lucky I may pull off the Titan award. Matt Hardy’s Wrestlemania 34 card is also part of this event prior to reaching Jeff.