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This Week In WWE SuperCard: Wrestlemania 34 Throwbacks, Fusions & Hall Of Fame Update Plus Braun Strowman Last Man Standing Event


Another week another event for WWE SuperCard plus an update for new Wrestlemania 34 items. Throwback, Fusion, and Hall of Fame are coming in the form of Wrestlemania 34 Tier cars. Throwback has been released. Fusion and Hall Of Fame are set to come in the future. For more information on this checkout Cat Daddy’s blog post: and to see a bunch of card previews exclusively here scroll on down below!

Braun Strown Lastman Standing WWE SuperCard Wrestlemania 34

Before viewing all these great new cards, You should know Braun Strowman Last Man Standing even is this weekends event. This event will be followed up by Team Ring Domination with Finn Balor. Also, but not least Carmella and Seth Rollins are the current prized Money In The Bank exclusive cards and they looked quite…”Money” and “Burning” hot if I do say so myself!

WWE SuperCard Wrestlemania 34 Tier Finn Balor Team Event

WWE SuperCard Wrestlemania 34 Money In The Bank Carmella WWE Backlash    WWE SuperCard Wrestlemania 34 Money In The Bank Seth Rollins Backlash

One more piece of news Bobby Roode is the latest attitude. If you love to talk smack and express yourself in PVP modes this might be the one for you. So now without further do this post will end and you can check out that new attitude as well as the exclusive look at the new Wrestlemania 34 cards as I promised.

WWE SuperCard Bobby Roode Glorious

WWE SuperCard Wrestlemania 34165401_04_Chris_JerichoWWE SuperCard Wrestlemania 34165402_04_Dolph_ZigglerWWE SuperCard Wrestlemania 34165403_04_Big_EWWE SuperCard Wrestlemania 34165404_04_RhynoWWE SuperCard Wrestlemania 34165406_04_NaomiWWE SuperCard Wrestlemania 34210015_04_Peyton_Royce


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