Vampyr is here to begin a blood-sucking adventure of a lifetime or at least wants to try to. This review appears courtesy of DONTNOD PR department and is from my experiences on PlayStation 4. The game is available now on all PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.



The Vampyr story puts you in the London as Dr. Jonathon Reid, a famous blood transfusion specialist and surgeon. Reid is turned into a vampire where a series of events begin that open him up to a secret society and a change in the life he knows. Maybe, I should say his undead life. Regardless, Reid begins an adventure to uncover his new origins. The story is told very well cinematically and in-game. The game gives you plenty of dialog in its open world. You can converse with characters and uncover new lore. The more you know about the character the more XP the character will give as it will increase the character’s blood quality if you decide to drink their blood. This does affect the story and the world around you through these blood sucking decision and other choices. The search for these hints provided investigations and mystery gameplay elements to the game. I found myself wanting to know as much as possible before making decisions.


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Vampyr combat gameplay comes across almost solid but fails at times in boss fights. It feels well but the response of action with certain weapons fails to react in a timely fashion at times. It doesn’t kill the game but makes the boss fights at times harder than they should be even when you are at higher levels. Also, your stamina regeneration, in the beginning, should be a little better as you will probably spend most of your early game days leveling for stamina alone. Still, combat is fun and challenging with tons of skills and abilities, both passive and active to play with.


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I normally don’t talk about sound but lately, I’ve been through some nightmares with some games presentational sounds irritating me. Vampyr exceeds in this department very well. Everything gives the game a great feel down to upgrading your characters abilities to the blunt sounds of combat. This along with an amazing soundtrack contributes to this being a good game. Thank you DONTNOD for remembering that little things do matter in video games.


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Graphics in Vampyr are dark and subtle. They are good but I personally but the brightness up to its top setting. I found some areas to be too dark for my taste. The style has a grainy painting feel at times but it looks good and feels unique.


Vampyr ADG AntDaGamer Exclusive Screenshots courtesy of DONTNOD (12)


My final tidbits in this review should help you make your final decision on Vampyr. Vampyr feels like a dark cross between LA Noire & Last of Us. Which isn’t a bad thing it’s a good thing. DONTNOD has combined vampiric mysteries and action into an open world environment that makes a hit. I hope this isn’t the last game. I think we have a great new IP in gamers’ hands now.

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