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It’s been weeks since the release of Conan Exiles. I’ve been scurring the desert of the afterlife to find the way to what I truly think about this game. After all, I made a promise to the developers when I took the review code. As you read these impressions, bare in mind it comes from someone who really doesn’t play many survival video games. This article also comes from my experiences on PlayStation 4.

When I first heard of this game I had no idea it was mainly a survival game. I thought it would have more action and adventure. It does have action and adventure but it’s more about building your character and surviving the harsh conditions of the world of Conan Exiles.

The survival of the game can be very tough though the developers tell me this game is the easier of the library of survival games on the market. The game really doesn’t give tutorials on how to do things but mainly gives you a journal of what you should do. Such as eating a decent meal but not tell you how to acquire it. You may get stuck figuring how to work the campfire to cook that meal as well.

Conan Exiles -3 Art

Combat is something I didn’t experience much so far in the game. I had a few moments with a simple ax against other natives and creatures of the land. I didn’t fare well most of the time. I will say it’s easy to pick up but hard to master depending on your opponents. I did make a long sword but only got to use it once. So I don’t have much experience in the combat. Also, from my minor experience, the combat felt sluggish.

Let’s talk about the story. Something I wish was told in a more cinematic way. The game does open up with a very cool cinematic that got me hyped. Then the slow pacing of the game and learning made me uninterested but l kept on giving the game a chance. I never got to see any other cinematics and you will soon learn why.

Conan Exiles ADG Exclusive Screenshot straight up axing

The game half-heartedly guides you with minor things to do to progress through Chapters. They are about 10 at the time of this review. As I spoke earlier it does a terrible job doing so. The interface itself that shows you feats doesn’t even tell you to press R1 to see individual types of feats.

Conan Exiles ADG Exclusive Screenshot Feats Where's R1 L1 To Guide

My final straw of this game came when I got to Chapter 2. Bear in mind, I started this game on playing on the easiest difficulty so I could keep my items upon death. Other modes will take your items away upon death. As I was stuck trying to find a way to make shelter, I died and all my items were taken away.  This was my final straw.

Conan Exiles ADG Exclusive Screenshot 3 Trophy Road

It may seem that I’m completely knocking Conan Exiles but I’m not. The game will provide a challenge for gamers and might be just what Conan & survival gamer fans are looking for. I’m saying if you the type of gamer like me that want to have the most fun and a cinematic Conan experience this game is not for you at all. They are so many other great games which are more fun on the market that I was forcing myself to play the game. With many other reviews and other games, I’m personally playing it became a nuisance for me. I may give Conan another shot in the upcoming weeks or year but for now, I’m off to other things.

Conan Exiles ADG Exclusive Screenshot 2 Live Love burn

Recommended For Survival Gamers Who Want A Challenge.

Not Recommended For Action, Multiplayer, & Cinematic Story Gamers.

In coincide with me making my spots on the internet a more personal chronological diary of my gaming experience and opinions. I will probably give more impressions and thoughts of this game in the future.