WWE SuperCard Deal Or Scam
Titanic Deal Or A Titanic Scam?!

I like WWE SuperCard but the game has become a very evident cash grab and I think it’s time someone speaks up about it. Today will be the first of several of my attempts to make Cat Daddy and 2K realize we love this game but it’s time to stop with the ridiculous prices.

Above I have posted the latest deal as of today that 2K thinks is worth the price of admission. In fact, they are marketing it as a deal when it clearly is not. In price alone, we would have to spend over 70 bucks. That’s way more than a price of a Triple-A video game. It would handle some deluxe editions of video games.

WWE SuperCard Spring Scam

2K and Cat Daddy want us to look at this game as it’s a collectible card game when in reality it isn’t. Your cards are obsolete. In the name of Matt Hardy, they will eventually be DELETED!. In the world of real cards, you will never delete because they become more valuable through time this is not true with WWE SuperCard. So why should we pay such a ridiculous price?

Last but not least this pack is a chance? This pack higher than other I believe cause they realize people are catching on. I know they control the rate of the pack tier drops it’s evident in free, Ticket, Team Battleground and Team PVP packs. Nobody rarely gets anything now when at the beginning we did. Ask yourself when the last time you got anything close to your tier even in packs based on your Tier for free.

We need sure chances with decent prices!