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2K announced today their new collection of Fusion, Hall Of Fame and Throwback cards for the Goliath Tier.

WWE SuperCard_200904_04_Bobby_Fish

Sorry I’m late but it seems since speaking about how WWE SuperCard is blatantly not right and a lie when it comes to rewards, pulls, and packs, they have put me off their mailing list it seems. I’ve reached out but still no press releases from anything 2K related since then. I only speak the truth and want the best for the series. I like the game but a lot of things aren’t fair about the game purchases and reward system.

Also, today you can get free Throwbacks in the free pack. I’m pretty sure you won’t get anything good but if you do hit me up on Twitter and show me! They promise up to Wrestlemania 34 Tier but I’m sure someone like myself who’s Goliath won’t get anything useful.

WWE SuperCard_165506_04_Alicia_Fox

You can get the full details here on their blog:  https://wwe.2k.com/supercard/news/goliath-throwback-fusion-and-hall-of-fame-cards/ and I’ve included some cards below for quick viewing for those that want to support ADG. Thanks!