I’m a little late on this news but in case you missed it or want my two cents on the new WWE SuperCard SummerSlam ’18 tier here it is! Well, they look awesome. They are bringing in a few that were left out of the last tier such as Ronda Rousey with a total of 70 plus stars. By the way, if Trent Seven is in I’m sure Tyler Bate and a few other UK greats made the cut.

WWE SuperCard SummerSlam 18 Trent Seven

I like that they made a few other editions to this update. My favorite is the Team Battleground addition of allowing players to “Charge All”. Simple yet effective because I’m sure we are all tired of swiping to death those charges. They also added Tier pull animations. I haven’t seen those yet but it’s good to know they’re back.

WWE SuperCard SummerSlam 18 Stone Cold Steve Austin

All in all, decent update. My problem with WWE SuperCard still remains the same. Their prices are ridiculously high and their pull rates in their purchasable and free packs. Give people a better chance of getting something they can use and worth there money!

I’ve included below the official press release from yesterday which includes a link to 2K’s blog post in case you missed it.


WWE SuperCard SummerSlam Tier 310605_04_Charlotte_Flair


2K today announced the release of Update 6 for WWE SuperCard, the action-packed collectible card-battling game, that features the new SummerSlam ’18 tier.

Update 6 will feature over 70 WWE and NXT Superstars, including badasses like Stone Cold Steve Austin and Samoa Joe, top female Superstars Asuka and Charlotte Flair, and new WWE SuperCard debuts like NXT UK’s Trent Seven. And of course, a new card for “The Baddest Woman on the Planet” herself, Ronda Rousey.


WWE SuperCard SummerSlam 18 Ronda Rousey


On top of new Superstars, Update 6 is bringing back Tier Pull animations, and has added a “Charge All’ button to Team Battleground to bring your WWE SuperCard matches to the next level.

WWE SuperCard is available for free download on the App Store for iOS devices, as well as the Google Play Store and Amazon App Store for Android devices. For additional Update 6: details, please check out the blog post here:

WWE SuperCard SummerSlam 18 Samoa Joe

WWE SuperCard SummerSlam 18 Asuka (1)