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WWE 2K19 Let’s Talk: Daniel Bryan 2K Showcase Gameplay “Never Had It Easy” Trailer


WWE 2K19’s newest trailer begins with Daniel Bryan  saying that he “Never Had It Easy” in WWE. Those words couldn’t be any more true and this trailer showcases that and gameplay in Daniel Bryan’s 2K Showcase Mode.

Most of the matches included are great matches. It will be interesting to see if a lot of it is actual gameplay such as the match with Kane when Daniel Bryan used a Forklift on Kane. If so, I pray 2K has gave us a Forklift for least Backstage Brawls this year. I remain skeptical due to 2K’s record with implementing things in the game but it does “look good”.


I know a lot of us would like to hear more about other modes at this moment rather it’s creation modes, Universe Mode or MyCareer. We are less than a month away from the game’s release and myself and fans are a little scared because of the lack of information. Come on 2K let more out the bag. It could hurt but it also could help. When you are too quiet like you are it scares potential customers.

Stay tuned for a lot of media post on WWE 2K19 today or if you can’t wait check out our new channel ,ADG Entertainment, on YouTube for more on WWE 2K19 and other games. I also plan to return video versions of Let’s Talk as well as ADG Universe in the upcoming week.

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