SNK HEROINES: Tag Team Frenzy has arrived to the fighting game scene. I have been playing the game before release courtesy of SNK and even got myself into a little trouble showing off the game before it’s embargo…as I thought the game didn’t have a preview embargo. That’s another story but I hope you enjoy this review.



I have decided that this review and future reviews will be more straight to the point and simple. If I can make it that way like my old Short And Simple Reviews it would be great. So you and me can get back to gaming or the things we do quicker.



SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy takes fans of the ladies of The King Of Fighters and SNK games; not to mention once man turn sexy lady, Terry Bogard, and brings them to a crazy battle situation setup by antagonist, Kukri. You are forced to fight or become a victim of Kukri pervish ways. Yes, this game is not for all ages, unless your parents don’t mind you seeing SNK women being in there “sexy”!



SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy is a 2 Vs. 2 Tag Team game which is a lot more simple than the other King Of Fighters games. If you played The King Of Fighters past games you might feel like the controls are simplified and it’s cause they are. The main part of this game is trying to hit your dream finish when the time is right. Even that is done with one press of a button. Timing is everything though because of the controls being so simple. The gameplay is simple and the battles are fast. Matches take up usually a minute or two and you on to the next one. Some may not like this and some might but me, personally, I didn’t mind. It gives me more time to play all the games that are in my library with all the good games coming out this year.




When it comes to online, the bouts were great 50 percent of the time. Lag does happen.  I don’t want to lie. I have to say it’s an average server at the moment but I’m sure SNK will work out the kinks along the way of the game’s lifespan.


ADG SNK Heroines Character Select Screen.png
Looking At This Screen You Can Obviously Tell The Amount Of DLC And Where It Will Go.


Things you should be wary of concerning SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy is the fact the roster (14) in my opinion isn’t big as it should be. That seems to be the problem with all fighting games these days with you not having a decent roster till they get more money. The DLC is already in line with Thief Arthur already announced and a big announcement about DLC coming soon. Looking at the heart on the roster screen you can tell they already planned the DLC as well and it may have been intentionally left out. Kukri is on the disc as a boss yet he is unplayable and not unlockable like some have been in the past. Also, the individual endings aren’t that interesting and contain no audio or text you just have to use your imagination. Some were interesting such as Terry Bogard’s which is my favorite. You can view it below or not..I understand some don’t want to be spoiled.


Despite these nuisances, the game is overall fun, has great lore, unlockables and customization to enjoy with the base game being a low $49.99.

008_slv.jpgSNK Is My Hero With This Sexy Funny Delightful Fighter!

Recommended highly for fans of SNK and anime influenced games.