Welcome to my review of Shadows Awakening courtesy of Kalypso PR. My review comes from playing the digital version on PlayStation 4.



At a short glance, Shadows Awakening seems to be a great RPG with the looks of the infamous and famous Diablo series with a twist but it really isn’t. First of all and most regrettably so, the game doesn’t offer any online or local co-op gameplay. Local Co-Op was the biggest killer to me but maybe it’s due to the game’s biggest feature being able to shift between two dimensions. From the Shadow Realm to the mortal plane, you will switch between your character and the Devourer. The fix would be to least offer least two devourer styles that players could choose from.



Now that some of the bad news is out of the way let me speak on what is good. The action is intense and challenging. The boss fights are especially challenging as you can see in my video below. Gameplay is what I like easy to pick up but hard to master. Loot is pretty good but only offered from my experience visual changes to your weapon. The game offer plenty of lore with books and side-quests to explore to find out more about the character you choose and the world of Shadows Awakening.



The fulfillment of building your character and watching it become strong is a big draw in to this game for RPG fans. Each character including the Devourer has skills and talents to set them apart from the pack.  It’s so good that you will wish you could show it off online but sadly there isn’t online or local co-op.

Shadows Awakening Skills

Before parting and telling you my overall thought about this game, you must know that I felt the story was lacking a little and drawn out. It could get better as I haven’t completed the game but when I do I’ll update you guys. For now, I’m giving this game an average rating. It does great things but not enough to make it stand out to the great games that are out and are coming out currently.

Shadows: Awakening Is A Shadow Of What It Could Be Making It An Average RPG.

Recommended For Fans Of Diablo That Doesn’t Mind A Single Player Experience.

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