WWE 2K19 Let’s Talk: The Realest A.J. Kirsch Interview

WWE 2K19 Let’s Talk exclusive interview with A.J. Kirsch, the man and voice behind WWE 2K19’s MyCareer / MyPlayer is here. I sat down with A.J. Kirsch and asked him things no other person would. Such as if he fell on his face while motion capturing for WWE 2K19. This man once faced the legendary Nintendo icon, Link. So, I wanted to know if he had respect for The Legend of Zelda. Of course, we talk about WWE 2K19 and WWE, as well. I hope you enjoy “The Realest A.J. Kirsch Interview”. Sub and follow my new movement ADG Entertainment for more videos like this in the future.

This video was done before the launch of WWE 2K19 as you can hear us discuss it in the videocast but the game is out now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

I would like to also thank 2K‘s WWE Games and A.J. Kirsch for this wonderful opportunity as not only a content creator but as a fan. Thank You!

WWE2K19 _woooooedition1920

Check Out A.J. Kirsch’s Unboxing The Woo Edition:





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2 comments on “WWE 2K19 Let’s Talk: The Realest A.J. Kirsch Interview

  1. […] via WWE 2K19 Let’s Talk: The Realest A.J. Kirsch Interview […]


  2. WWE is full of crap on YouTube. I have complete permission to use the trailer footage I used from 2K PR Department. This interview will be eventually unblocked. Hopefully soon.


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