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Rey Mysterio Like Myself Is Back..he’s just in WWE 2K19

With the return of me to YouTube and doing more game coverage again, I thought my insight series, ADG Insider should return. So yes, I’m bring it back! There is no set schedule for it at the moment but from time to time I will be giving you insight into things I’m doing and plan on doing.

As you guys know it hasn’t been easy for me but I just can’t let go of my dreams and the need to inform other gamers of the great games I have interest in and are playing. So I must continue. It makes me feel complete without it over half this year I haven’t been complete.

Plans right now consist of building content while promoting upcoming games that I want to cover and/or review. I’ve reached out to 2K Games, Square Enix Namco Bandai, X-Seed, Koei Tecmo and more that make the games I’m mostly interested in. Just as the ADG Entertainment YouTube header states the focus is Wrestling, Fighting, Anime, and Japanese based games but isn’t limited too. I’m very diverse and I like to keep things fresh and interesting in my life. This will reflect on my channel pages like it does on this website.

At the end of the day just remember there’s a reason to all my methods. Covering games is what you have to do to get copies for review, content creation or simple gameplay coverage. With me not being in the partner system at YouTube, with EGM letting me go from their partner system (with silly reason I may talk about later), donations like this is much need cause I financially alone can’t carry the channel the way I want it to be.

I hope you guys enjoy the upcoming content. I’m waking up early mornings and doing things all day to late evenings to get things back to it use to be, plus better than ever!

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All Might In Brave Frontier My Hero Academia event