Sega brings us Yakuza Kiwami 2 with the engine used in Yakuza 6: The Song of Life to recreate the original Yakuza 2. You would think this would be an easy transition and recipe to success. Read on as I review Yakuza Kiwami 2 courtesy of SEGA PR via digital review code for PlayStation 4.




In case you are a stranger of Yakuza. Yakuza Kiwami 2 features Kazuma Kiryu and Goro Majima, two of the most popular Yakuza series star in an action adventure in an open world filled with beat em action, mini-games and more. Yakuza Kiwami 2 basically improves this with its new engine providing better loading, smoother action, and even better visuals.



The story takes place after of course the scenario of Yakuza 2. You can watch my videos if you wish to catch up on the story but I will remain spoiler free-ish here in my written statements. Let’s just say when in the Yakuza every dog has it’s day and there’s always someone wishing to take that dog’s place. As far as Majima, he embarks on a quest to rejoin the Yakuza that goes down a path that he wouldn’t expect to embark on.



Features of Yakuza go into online mode and locally. If it’s playing mini-games with yourself or a friend there’s always so much to do. Maybe you want to play new games well Golf Bingo and Virtual-On has you covered. If you played past games and Yakuza 6 seeing Clan Creator, Yuki’s return in Cabaret as seen in Yakuza 0, and Toylets will definitely get you excited.





I love Yakuza games and if you would say there is one game that always gets covered here it’s Yakuza. If you are a Yakuza fan you definitely need to add this to your collection. You can play this game even if you haven’t played Yakuza Kiwami 2 and catch up right away with a special feature to “Remember” early in the game as you start. I’m truly satisfied with this product.


SEGA Goes Above And Beyond And Continues To Enhance The Yakuza Experience With Yakuza Kiwami 2!

Recommended Highly For Yakuza, Beat-Em-Up, And Open World Gaming Fans.