Thanks to Bandai Namco, I’m hitting you up with an Unscripted Review of My Hero One’s Justice. This is the recent North American release with English subtitles. I break it down for you below as well in a few extra words as well.


My time with the game was very fun overall. From the gameplay from revisiting the great moments of the series. The game runs smooths and looks very good.



My main issues with this game are some key players that are missing from the roster. It seems all these fighting games these days can’t get the roster right. Where is Midnight, one of my daughter’s favorites Mina Ashido, Minoru Mineta, Mirio Togata and more? Probably being saved up for DLC or special editions. Alongside with most of the game’s tactics being somewhat spammy, these things will always leave a bad taste in the mouths of gamers. Oh well!



This game offers a ton of great features including the newly patched in Arcade Mode alongside Mission Mode, Story Mode, Training, Local Play, and Online Play. Not to mention crazy customizations for those modes as well.



As you can tell, I recommend and love this game when it’s all said and done.


One Of The Best Anime Fighting Games This Year.

Great For Those New To My Hero Academia As Well As Seasoned Fans.


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