It’s been since October of 2018 the last time I sat and gave you guys an ADG Insider. Sadly it’s not really a complete one to be celebrated about.

There are going to be a few changes for a few months to my reviews and content, again.  The reason is the slew of bad luck that I have named Bad Luck 2019, as you can see from the title. Within the past few months, I’ve lost or had problems with my equipment, my PlayStation 4, Xbox One, house problems, and as of a few days ago the demise of my PC. I’m writing now from a laptop my Aunt let me borrow that I can’t use my capture card or software on.

iStock-680016208_video game addiction.jpg


The changes will be that most video content will have to go to the form of written with mostly images as I can’t capture footage from my gameplay. It will probably be mostly reviews and impressions as I can’t capture to do content such as my wrestling shows, ADG Plays or ADGVsGame content.  There may be a way to capture on PS4 or Xbox One but that will definitely change audio and video quality alongside not have the edits that some of my videos have.


I’m sorry to any followers this my upset. This upsets me too. If I could do anything to make this change right away I would. The truth is as I stated before the only monetize content I have is from this blog and I haven’t generated enough traffic yet to get a check from that either. I have no YouTube or EGMNow partnership. So now that my equipment is DOA, the only other thing I can do is save up from my only income which is SSI. I have two kids so they get most of that as I have to provide a roof and food. This is why you should always support content creators and interact on their content so they can grow. Things like this could happen and their current equipment may not last forever.

Anyways, I will always do my best to stay afloat and stay in the game.

Chat with you guys, soon.