Join the new cast of Blazblue Cross Tag Battle with Persona 4 Arena’s Teddie, Arcana Heart’s Heart Aino, Blazblue’s Naoto Kurogane, and Under Night In-Birth’s Seth in this Pack 7 Season 2 DLC 20 minute gameplay. I showcase the new music and stages alongside the characters as well.


#BBTAG #BlazblueCrossTagBattle #BBCTAG – Naoto, Kurogane, Teddie, Seth and Heart 20 Minute Exclusive Gameplay via PlayStation 4 PRO with no commentary. This new DLC is part of the latest update and also includes an Arcana Heart Stage which is featured in this gameplay.

One man’s quest to play and complete as many games as he possibly can. I reserve the right to do commentary or not do commentary. If I record on console directly they will probably not be commentary. I hope you all still enjoy!

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