Fire Pro Wrestling World continues to keep it’s title in gamer’s playlist by adding DLC and free updates to keep fans coming back to play. With the latest NJPW Junior Heavyweight Championship DLC it’s adding wrestlers from the 2017 circuit who are still active and relevant to the NJPW scene to give you a new Fighting Road experience alongside new wrestlers.




Fighting Road returns but is supplying most of the same. You create a wrestler or import on to begin a training regiment to join the Main Unit, L.I.J., CHAOS, or Suzuki-Gun. The story is a telling from a fan becoming a part of the division and getting to meet and even wrestle some of his favorites. I found this story to be okay..but not the greatest.  Just like with the original you have to stick it out to get to the good parts.



The great part of this DLC is the addition of the following wrestlers, their move-sets and parts:

Updated Roster (*) Denotes wrestlers with entrance themes

⦁ Jyushin Thunder Liger
⦁ Taiji Ishimori ()
⦁ SHO (
⦁ YOH ()
⦁ Tiger Mask
⦁ Jado (
⦁ Shota Umino ()
⦁ Ren Narita (
⦁ Will Ospreay (*)
⦁ Marty Scurll
⦁ Rocky Romero
⦁ Dragon Lee
⦁ Beretta



The bad things about this DLC is simply all the themes aren’t included but just recently the game was patched to 1.19 allowing custom themes with a USB flash drive. So this really isn’t a problem. Last but not least there still are a few great junior heavyweights missing that have recently joined up or returned in the past year. Even that’s okay with the great creations available to download and now the inclusion of adding themes.



I recommend this DLC for fans of NJPW’s Junior Heavyweight Division mainly to add more authentic NJPW superstars with voice-over work to their game.

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