ADG Entertainment & ADG Wrestling Games Network is sad to say that as of today we have come to terms on the release of Taya Valkyrie.

Taya Valkyrie broke into ADG Universe Ex as a manager ( after issues between Tamina & Becky) and tag partner of Becky Lynch. What seems like an unstoppable combination came to a stop when she and Becky Lynch faced Asuka & Su Yung for the Tag Team Championships. Taya Valkyrie spent some time in the single division where some would say her biggest highlight was taking part in the first-ever ADG Universe Ex Women’s Money In The Bank ladder match.



Also, a new show is under works, finally after two weeks. So expect the score page to be updated. If you are a manager make sure you comment soon before the show or your superstar may not be put in matches. This show will be a little streamlined to make sure we update the show more often in line with my busy schedule. This episode will air on ADG Entertainment again due to the timely matter of production the show takes and other things that were stated in the ADG Wrestling Games Network Address of August 2019.



I’m going to leave you with last two shows that aired on ADG Wrestling Games Network I think some may have missed where Stephanie McMahon made her mark in ADG Universe Ex over the women’s division. Also, in a time where Bobby Lashley leads the brand. Enjoy and remember the show has returned to ADG Entertainment.



*This posting is a fictitious storyline of ADG Universe Ex (a fantasy universe mode in WWE Games) and Taya Valkyrie isn’t really an affiliate.