Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid, the popular fighting game by developer nWay in partnership with Hasbro, Inc. and global content leader Lionsgate, today announced  the release of Season 2, providing players with three new fan favorite warriors (Anubis ‘Doggie’ Cruger, Eric Myers, and Dai Shi), a new arena (Space Patrol Delta base), a new ultra (Delta Squad Megazord) and a new character skin (Tommy Oliver / Mighty Morphin Power Rangers White Ranger).

Season 2 debuts on Xbox One and PC today, with access in the Americas for PlayStation 4 on September 25 and Nintendo Switch on September 27.  PlayStation 4 and Switch players in Europe will have access during the first week of October.

nWay also announced today the launch of Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid on PC via Steam. The cult hit allows PC players to enjoy all the features and content that are currently available on the console version of the game on day one of the game’s release including full story mode, voiceovers from the original cast, multi-platform crossplay and direct matches.  The PC version of the game is available for $19.99 at store.steampowered.com/app/1110100/Power_Rangers_Battle_for_the_Grid/

A trailer for Season 2 can be seen above or at: youtube.com/watch?v=L6i8sT9IN5I&feature=youtu.be

This posting is the official press release from Nway/Lionsgate/Hasbro Power Rangers:  Battle For The Grid PR Department for AntDaGamer publishings