This week’s ADG Universe Ex newsletter explains everything from Adam Cole being a champion to what to expect in the upcoming shows. I‘m very busy (as usual) but I wanted to try to continue this weekly newsletter as I promised before putting out shows to get you hype and understanding some of the decisions going into the show.

The first discussion that I want to speak on the most is the fact that Adam Cole despite his losses against Triple H in the past weeks, is still a contender. Adam Cole still packs, undisputed, a power rating of 13 making him a contender for all titles. This week, I’m giving Adam Cole a chance to face the ADG Universe Ex Worldwide Undisputed Champion, Pete Dunne. This decision is based on the Power Ratings and the fact I feel like Adam Cole has been putting in more work than the champ. Some may say Triple H is better but that why we have our Undisputed PPVs to settle questionable things like this. We are two months away as our next PPV is Money In The Bank and Undisputed will follow it.

Definitely a very controversial season with Power Ratings (Scores). Power Ratings have also been updated today.

I am also adding a new ruling this year that if someone has a Power Rating equal or higher to a champion, I may not wait to a PPV and that person will be giving a title shot immediately as possible. This decision will also call Lita to get a rematch this week versus Becky Lynch as she still has a higher Power Rating than Becky with 12.

Last but not least some discussion on the ADG Universe All-Star Pro Wrestling Women’s Championship Tournament. This week, Bayley Vs Rhea Ripley and Io Shirai Vs. Stephanie McMahon with the winners going to the finals. I have still not decided when the finals will take place. it may take place at the next show or PPV. One thing for sure the fallout last week with Naomi very disappointed with losing and Tamina taking the agony of defeat with a side of Steph McMahon after match attacks, leaves a lot of intensity in the women’s locker room right now for ADG Universe Ex. Things are definitely getting very interesting.

-UPDATE 8:20 PM EST ADG Universe Ex has been delayed get more details on my YouTube community page – community page –